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Museum Studies, M.A.


Dr. Cynthia Conides, Ph.D.

First Reader

Reine I. Hauser, MFA


How can a museum support the new work of artists? Can a Tri-fold business plan offer a sustainable way to support an artists in residency program? Will the local community welcome a new museum into their town? What will be the benefit to the local economy? This capstone project presenting a strategic plan proposes the development of a new art museum located in Buffalo New York called, the Museum of Experiential Living Art (MoELA). The purpose of MoELA is to support practicing artists through an artist in residency program; by providing dedicated time, space, tools, materials, housing and nourishment while they work. While offering visitors an opportunity to see artists at work, in mid-process through the exhibition of their new work in the MoELA Galleries. The urban artist in residency program will be the source of the museum collection and exhibitions. As well as, a long term plan to turn one hub into a network of hubs throughout the country offering artist’s places to create free from the distractions of life, and get paid to create new work. The Museum of Experiential Living Art will promote economic development and pay equality by supporting the arts, artists, and cultural development. This project asserts the value that art, creative expression, and food have on the human connection.

Available for download on Saturday, December 17, 2022