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Multidisciplinary Studies - Individualized Option, M.S.


Multidisciplinary Studies


Kimberley N. Irvine, Ph. D., Professor of Geography and Planning

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Kimberley N. Irvine, Ph. D., Professor of Geography and Planning

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Stephen Vermette, Ph. D., Professor of Geography and Planning

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James Mayrose, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Technology


Under U.S.EPA Phase II stormwater regulations Buffalo State was required to develop a stormwater management plan. This plan pursues both hard‐engineering and low impact development approaches for stormwater management. As part of the plan, a detention pond came on‐line in early summer, 2010, to collect flow before it discharges to Scajaquada Creek. The objective of this study was to assess the detention pond impact on water quantity and quality prior to discharge to the creek. A meter was installed in 2007 (pre‐construction) and 2010 (post‐construction) to record stormwater discharge to Scajaquada Creek. Regression analysis between rainfall and runoff characteristics showed that peak discharge was higher in 2010 than 2007 for the same rainfall depth, while the relationship between peak discharge and peak rainfall intensity was similar for the two years. Total discharge volume for rainfall events >0.5” was greater in 2010 than 2007. Samples for total suspended solids (TSS), E. coli, total phosphorus, and nitrate were collected at the inflow to the pond, within the pond, and at the outflow from the pond throughout 6 storms, May‐September, 2010. On average, the pond did not reduce TSS and E. coli levels, but is becoming more efficient in reducing TSS as vegetation becomes better established. There were mixed results for phosphorus and nitrate, as levels were reduced for about 50% of the storms, but were higher at the outlet for other storms. Because the pond is new, there is a need for continued monitoring to determine the time required for it to reach design performance.