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Kevin J. Miller, Ed.D., Dean of the Graduate School

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Multidisciplinary Studies - Individualized Option, M.A.


Multidisciplinary Studies


Kenneth Payne, M.F.A., Professor of Art & Design

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Kenneth Payne, M.F.A., Professor of Art & Design

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Lin Xia Jiang, M.F.A., Professor of Art & Design


Comparative Study on Urban and Suburban Art Education


The thesis on a “Comparative Study of Urban vs. Suburban Art Education” will be a discussion on the history of fine arts curriculum. Showing the historical evolution of fine art instruction in Europe, and how it is significant for visual arts in the history of human civilization. The thesis will provide a timeline of people and events showing the development of Art Education in the United States of America. Exploring what legislation involving public and private institutions helped enact change in Education for the visual arts. How art teachers over the ensuing decades altered and perfected their craft. The philosophical view of the art teacher or pedagogy will be explored and what it takes to successfully administer that philosophy to the student. How public-school districts responded, to changing the priority regarding art curriculum. The primary objective of the thesis will be to answer the question. Why are Urban Students falling behind in art education, compared to Suburban Students? The thesis will do a comparative analysis on factors that would be relevant to the success of a child’s education. These factors being social economic background, the physical environment of the child’s home, family status of students and funding status of an Urban and Suburban school district. The curriculum practices of both types of school districts will be compared and scrutinized, from this analysis a conclusion will be formed to answer. Why are Urban Students not as successful at art education as Suburban Students?