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Kevin J. Miller, Interim Dean of the Graduate School

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Multidisciplinary Studies - Individualized Option, M.A.


Multidisciplinary Studies


Jing Zhang

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Jing Zhang

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Fran Paskowitz


This study examined the general teachers’ attitudes toward the teacher ranking system in China and whether this ranking system can motivate teachers to work harder. One hundred and eighty-seven teachers from 54 elementary schools in Beijing of China were surveyed using Charlotte Danielson Frame Work for Teaching Evaluation. The result showed that the relationship between years of teaching and higher titles is a positive correlation, which means with more teaching years of experience, teachers will get higher titles. A negative correlation was revealed between years of teaching and education levels, which means teachers who taught more years tend to get lower education levels. Teachers with higher titles also considered as more structural and skilled teachers. In general, most teachers hold positive attitudes towards this ranking system.