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Public Administration and Nonprofit Management, M.P.A.


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Dr. Laurie Buonanno

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Dr. Laurie Buonanno


Financial literacy can be complex and difficult for college students to comprehend. Many students struggle to afford college and are faced with large amounts of student loan debt. Financial awareness needs to be addressed early on for students to make informed decisions about college costs, student debt, and financial aid. However, financial aid applications, terms and conditions, and eligibility requirements are difficult for many students to comprehend on their own. The purpose of this study is to access financial literacy among undergraduate students at Buffalo State College. A quantitative approach is used in this study by implementing a web-based cross-sectional survey via Qualtrics. All undergraduate students were invited to participate in the survey, which was designed to understand the knowledge and skills of students to manage financial resources efficiently. The study found that there is a need for financial literacy education and students are interested in increasing their financial knowledge.