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Public Administration and Nonprofit Management, M.P.A.


Political Science Department


Dr. Laurie Buonanno

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Dr. Laurie A. Buonanno

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Frank Ciaccia


In their July of 2014 centennial report, the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board (the Board) announced a new project to reengineer their entire system, the Business Process Reengineering project (BPR). Using John W. Kingdon’s Multiple-Streams Approach (MSA) framework, this agenda-setting study attempts to explain why the BPR landed on the NYS policy agenda after many years of complaints by its many stakeholders (problem), not least its high cost. Policy entrepreneurs had long championed various reform ideas. The researcher examines Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s campaign rhetoric to understand the role of the politics stream in shaping the policy agenda. In this qualitative study, analysis of government documents, reports, and media reporting is supplemented with interviews from key NYS government personnel involved in the agenda-setting process. The study concludes that reform of NYS’s worker compensation system landed on the policy agenda through a unique conjoining of the policy, politics, and problem streams, as predicted by MSA.