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Public Management, Graduate Certificate Program


Political Science Department


Dr. Atta Ceesay

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Dr. Atta Ceesay


In a time of economic uncertainty, networks and collaborations have become a vital tool for a nonprofit’s success. Networks and collaborations can assist a nonprofit operating independently to increase relationships within a neighborhood, or city, create a sense of community with the organizations within the collaboration, share resources from grants and other tools that a nonprofit developed to reach program outcomes and outputs, and build the network of nonprofits to expand their individual mission statements. Partnership of the Public Good (PPG) in Buffalo, New York has created an informal network collaboration to increase all of these characteristics within the City of Buffalo. One program that they have developed to build capacity is the Community Agenda. This program is a democratic process used by PPG to understand the issues that Buffalo is currently faced with, and how the member organizations will come together to work on these issues throughout the year. This study examined participation and the effectiveness of the program itself by surveying and interviewing partners and found that partners that actively participated in the Community Agenda program agreed that they enjoyed it and it benefitted their organization. This research was limited due to only a small portion of the entire collaboration participating in the web survey.