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Public Management, Graduate Certificate Program


Political Science Department


Angelo Conorozzo

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Frank Ciaccia

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Angelo Conorozzo


Recent studies on stress have paid close attention to the outcomes of global trends like the wars on terrorism. In this convulsed world of the 21st Century, civilians and military are exposed to a myriad of drawbacks, and everyone has to manage to carry out their lives and duties. The resulting work-related stress is present in a significant number of complaints in medical centers and hospitals; public, private or military. Although the United States Ready Reserve has not received much attention in the past, they are getting it now, given its more active interactions on foreign and domestic public policies. Hence, this research has sought to reflect upon the relationship between stress and supervisory styles in the reserve centers. This study reviewed and critiqued relevant empirical literature of the past two decades concerned with stress in the workplace. It also visited some historical publications on supervision and leadership styles affecting performances. In all, the results showed that the organizational culture is more related to stress than the supervisory styles in a naval reserve center. Still, since there is not a similar research-paper to correlate this outcome, additional studies are needed to ensure a better understanding of what should be the appropriate climate in the reserve centers for military reservists.