This Way Out; Program 840; Segment 1; NewsWrap


This Way Out; Program 840; Segment 1; NewsWrap

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Open teasers / themes music / intro continuity 1:10 Segment #1 - Openly gay Canadian M.P. Svend Robinson’s bill to include gays and lesbians in the country’s anti –hate propaganda law wins unusual passage despite its sponsor being at (at least temporarily) out of politics; a London High Court judge generally upholds religious exemptions in Britain’s new law against sexual orientation workplace discrimination, but says teacher in religious schools are “likely” to be covered by it; the European Parliament reaffirms its support for equal treatment of gays & lesbians, but rejects a call for recognition of unmarried couples across borders and illegal equality for EU queer couples; France’s Justice Minister challenges gay-marriage proposing Bordeaux-area Mayor Noel Mamere’s assertion that the nation’s laws don’t prohibit it, while a German federal labor court rules that the country’s “life-partnerships” law requires granting full spousal benefits to queer civil servants, and Ireland’s influential Law Reform Commission recommends legal reception of unmarried domestic partners and access to a number of rights enjoyed by legally-married heterosexual couples; Maine becomes the 5th U.S. state to register domestic partners, but many employers’ domestic partner benefits are probably on the way out in Massachusetts, and the New Hampshire House approves a bill similar to one passes earlier in the state Senate to explicitly deny recognition of same gender marriages performed in other states, while Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard pushes for legislation to deny legal recognition to same gender marriages performed in other countries; distinguished English-born and long-times San Francisco-based openly gay poet Thomas Gunn dies at the age of 74; and the French television viewers see the country’s first-ever commercial to feature a gay male couple – touting Proctor and Gamble’s Vizir laundry detergent (written by CINDY FRIEDMAN, with thanks to GRAHAM UNDERHILL, FENCEBERRY, REX WOCKNER and GREG GORDON, and anchored this week by RICK WATTS & CINFY FRIEDMAN) [9:45] + Madeline Davis billboard (over “NewsWrap” outro music) [0:05]. 9:50


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This Way Out; Program 840; Segment 1; NewsWrap