This study sought to determine the impact of blogs on student motivation to discuss literature. The participants were 11 male and 12 female fourth grade students ranging from eight to ten years of age. All of the students were instructed in one classroom located in a suburban school setting. All students had access to computers fitted with high speed internet in their classroom. Most of the students had access to the internet at home as well. Semi-structured interviews and survey instruments were administered over a six week period. The response data were analyzed to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the students as well as to make suggestions for improvement with reference to the use of blogs. Data analysis revealed gender and reading ability did not impact preferences significantly, and there was generally an equal split between preferences for blogs and face to face discussion of literature. A major factor in student preference was the ease with which the blog approach was perceived. Ease interacted with time limitations, technological ability, individual and group dynamics, and beliefs towards publication to a world-wide audience. It was concluded that blogs, while not solely motivating, can impact student motivation toward discussion.

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