The action research presented here is our story – a teacher who initiated change in a kindergarten in a small village in the center of Israel, and an academic advisor who observed and guided the teacher for six years. The article is based on formal documents, records of processes that took place in the kindergarten, records of weekly discussions, and in-depth discussions between the teacher and her advisor – all collected over a period of six years. The analysis of the documents and interviews enabled the researchers to identify seven practical foundations underlying the change: (1) taking personal responsibility for each child; (2) exhibiting self-control and providing rational solutions; (3) providing the children with opportunities for mindful movement; (4) constructing a learning framework; (5) instilling in the children independent choice skills; (6) mediating learning in stages; and (7) leading the children to the acquisition of learning-related skills. Seeking connections between these foundations and the teacher’s professional beliefs enabled us to identify coherency in the teacher's work as the driving force behind the change. The article aims to stimulate thinking about the need to prepare kindergarten teachers for initiating and leading changes.

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