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James Mayrose, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor of Technology

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John J. Earshen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Technology

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John J. Earshen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Technology

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Margaret Shaw-Burnett, Ed.D., Associate Vice President of Continuing Professional Studies

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Howard Payne, M.S., Lecturer of Technology


One billion dollars in incentives (Cuomo, December 2012a) will infuse the opportunity for Western New York (WNY) industrial growth. It is critical two areas are carefully evaluated and supported in order to avoid a false start and accomplish a responsible, long term, reinvigorated economy: (1) leverage current viable infrastructure, specifically the Niagara Falls International Airport (NFIAP), and (2) ensure workforce development in lean operations is initiated immediately to complement technical expertise in order to recruit and sustain high paying employers. Case studies introduced in this thesis included the development of a similar regional airport compared to NFIAP as well as a rapid improvement event, which applied lean methodology and tools to complex C-130 aircraft inspections. At the conclusion of this study the researchers found: the marketing of NFIAP is not effective, NFIAP would greatly benefit from diversification of employers located at NFIAP, and there is a rapid return on investment of workforce development in lean operations. Although development of NFIAP and workforce development in lean operations would prove to be beneficial to stakeholders, the commitment required to accomplish either will depend on the temperature of the burning platform for change.

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