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Richard Butz, Chairman of the Technology Department

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Industrial Technology, M.S.


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John J. Earshen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Technology

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John J. Earshen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Technology

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Steve M. Macho, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Technology


The purpose of this study was to assess, measure, and analyze whether voluntary, nationally-recognized professional certification credentials were important to augment technology programs at Buffalo State College (BSC), as a representative postsecondary baccalaureate degree-granting institution offering technology curricula. Six BSC undergraduate technology programs were evaluated within the scope of this study: 1.) Computer Information Systems; 2.) Electrical Engineering, Electronics; 3.) Electrical Engineering, Smart Grid; 4.) Industrial Technology; 5.) Mechanical Engineering; and 6.) Technology Education. This study considered the following three aspects of the problem: a.) postsecondary technology program enrollment and graduation trends; b.) the value/awareness of professional certifications to employers and students; and c.) professional certification relevancy and postsecondary curricula integration. The study was conducted through surveys and interviews with four technology-related purposive sample groups: 1.) BSC program alumni; 2.) BSC and non-BSC technology program faculty; 3.) hiring managers/industry leaders; and 4.) non-BSC alumni and certification holders. In addition, this study included an analysis of relevant professional certification organizations and student enrollment data from the six technology programs within scope. Research methods included both quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques. This study concluded undergraduate technology students benefitted from a greater awareness of relevant professional certifications and their perceived value. This study also found the academic community may be well served to acknowledge the increasing trend of professional certification integration into postsecondary technology programs.

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