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Industrial Technology, M.S.


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John Earshen

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John J. Earshen, PhD

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Mohan S. Devgun, PhD

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Richard A. Stempniak, PhD


The progression away from internal combustion engines has been slowly gaining momentum over the last ten years. This project investigated the pathway forward regarding the charging of electric vehicles. As governments have begun enacting legislative initiatives in support of a greener and more sustainable future, we are now witnessing more rapid progress toward widespread adoption of fully electric and hybrid vehicles. This study focused directly on battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Some automotive manufacturers (each with their own timeframe) have committed to producing only these BEVs, and eliminating traditional combustion engine vehicles. This investigation was designed to examine the current state of charging infrastructure, with an eye toward the future. Several key factors emerged as critical toward future build-out initiatives: the wide variety of dissimilar charge ports currently available, variable expected charging time, locations for chargers, availability of chargers, and pricing of charging service. The investigator wholeheartedly recommends that immediate action be taken in the deployment and build-out of a nationwide charging system, before the arrival of BEVs.