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International Graduate Program for Educators - M. S. in Multidisciplinary studies


International Graduate Program for Educators


Dr. Joan della Valle


The purpose of this study was to research whether or not participating in extracurricular theatre productions had an impact on the emotional wellbeing of students in middle and high school. Students involved in extracurricular theatre productions during the 2021-2022 school year were surveyed and asked to rate their level of confidence, self-esteem, among others. They were also asked open-ended questions regarding their experience in the theatre department and the learnings or benefits they perceived to have gained as a result. The multiple-choice questions showed data ranging from students claiming they were very confident to not confident at all, but the most valuable information came from the open-ended questions. Students compared their participation in the theatre to being in a family and many of them shared personal gainings from being in extracurricular theatre productions, such as feeling more confident, meeting new people, making friends, taking a break from the stress of school, etc.