Universal Design for Trauma



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Trauma history is an important consideration for adult educators. The majority of adults in the United States will experience trauma in their lifetime and many will suffer both short and long-term physical and/or emotional health impacts as a result. Previous research (Nikischer, 2018; Huang & Mossige, 2012; Horsman, 2002 & 2006) indicates trauma history can negatively influence educational outcomes, with implications for adult education program design and delivery. Building on the concept of “universal design” (Mace, 1998), I will outline five required components for a new universal design for trauma created specifically to address trauma history. (This PowerPoint presentation was created for the Buffalo State Faculty and Staff Research and Creativity Forum, Spring 2021. A full paper on this topic will be presented at the AEGT Conference, June 2021.)

Keywords: universal design, trauma, trigger warnings, compassion fatigue

Publication Date

Spring 5-21-2021

Universal Design for Trauma