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M. Scott Goodman, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

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Forensic Science, M.S.


Chemistry Department

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M. Scott Goodman, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

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Melanie M. Mayberry, Ph.D., Lecturer in Anthropology

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Douglas A. Ridolfi, M.S., Lecturer in Chemistry and Coordinator of Forensic Chemistry Programs


The Anthropology Department at Buffalo State has three human skeletons that have been part of the department’s collection for several years. The origin of the skeletons is currently unknown. Modern DNA techniques coupled with forensic anthropological techniques may now allow us to determine with some certainty the geographic origin of the skeletons. Ancestry, sex, age, and stature were assessed using current anthropological techniques. Afterwards, one tooth from each of the three skeletons was extracted, pulverized and DNA was isolated. Y-STR fragment size analysis of the DNA samples can provide information about the patrilineage of male individuals. Mitochondrial DNA sequencing analysis can provide information about the matrilineage of the individuals. All of the individuals appear to be two males and one probable female of Eurasian ancestry, ranging in stature from 5’3” to 5’8”, and all estimated to be over 30 years old at time of death.