The Fostering Innovation in Teaching with Technology (FITT) Academy is a hands-on project-specific faculty development opportunity sponsored by Resources for Information, Technology and Education (RITE).

Project applications use the following required criteria:

  • Feasible: Projects must align with the campus strategic plan and be of size and scope to be substantially completed by close of the Academy using current personnel and resources in RITE.
  • Innovative: The sponsors encourage innovative/out-of-box thinking relative to the faculty member’s experience and expertise.
  • Transformative: Projects have the potential to enhance or change students' active engagement in developing knowledge and skills, critical thinking, higher-order skills, and/or communication with use of technology.

Project Tracks:

  • Adaptive Learning Technologies
  • Games and Gamification/Credential
  • The Internet of Things/Beacon
  • Mobile Learning/ Tablet Computing/ Bring Your Own Device
  • Makerspaces/3D Printing/ Robotics
  • Wearable Technology/ Quantified Self
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Virtual Assistants
  • Next-Generation Learning Management System (LMS) -
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain/Crypto Currency
  • Computer User-Interfaces
  • Universal Design for Learning

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