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Kathy L. Wood, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the School of Education, Interim Chair of Elementary Education and Reading

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Childhood and Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction, M.S.Ed.


Elementary Education and Reading Department


Reva M. Fish, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social & Psychological Foundations of Education

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Jing Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Elementary Education & Reading


This study examined the overall teacher job satisfaction in public schools and whether there was a relationship between years of teaching experience and teacher job satisfaction in public schools. Thirty-six teachers from western New York State were surveyed using Spector’s Job Satisfaction Survey. The result showed that there was a moderate negative relationship between teacher job satisfaction of operating procedures and years of teaching experience, which means with the increase of the years of teaching experience, teachers in public schools were more dissatisfied about their heavy workload. However, there was no strong relationship between overall teacher job satisfaction and years of teaching experience.