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Microcredit is an economic approach in poverty reduction utilized to empower the poor through monetary support for entrepreneurial endeavors. Microcredit has been adapted in several developing countries throughout the world such as Bangladesh and India. This program provides micro financial assistance to individuals who are not eligible to receive loans in the formal financial sector. The micro credit program has been successful from its inception and has resulted in its reiteration in several underdeveloped countries combating poverty and needing economic expansion. The thesis considers documented successes of the microcredit program worldwide and suggests further investigation of its application in economically deprived countries. Haiti is one such country. As the poorest country in the western hemisphere with eighty percent of its population living in poverty, Haiti is in dire need of successful microcredit programs.

This paper provides a qualitative overview of the microcredit functions in Haiti, with specific focus on one of the largest microcredit organizations in Haiti, Fondasyon Kole Zepole (Fonkoze) and its method of gender targeting. This paper explores how Fonkoze has addressed poverty in Haiti and concludes with recommendations on how the successful application of microcredit in Haiti can help address the issue of poverty and thus improve the country’s economy.

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