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Frederick G. Floss, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Economics and Finance

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Applied Economics, M.A.


Economics and Finance Department


Ted Schmidt, PhD

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XingWang Qian, PhD., Professor of Economics

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Joelle Leclaire, PhD., Associate Professor of Economics


Poverty is a persistent problem in Haiti, resulting in an abundance of famine and suffering for many. The root of poverty and the lack of economic growth in Haiti has been associated with political instability. From this perspective, this thesis investigates the relationship between political instability and economic growth within Haiti. In relation to the same, the question that is raised is “can economic growth promotes political stability?” This research is purposely designed to be qualitative to facilitate the investigation of the source of poverty and its relation to political instability. Case studies on South Korea and China have been conducted in order to determine which policy would best support sustainable growth in Haiti. Accordingly, periods of political stability and instability in Haiti have been reviewed, as well as review of the state of the economy during those times. Furthermore, this thesis examines data, provides analysis on growth theories, and evaluates the key components of political instability. This research collects robust information to provide recommendations for policies on growth and development in Haiti.