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Applied Economics, M.A.


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Nicole L Hunter

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Frederick Floss


The scope of this report is intended to help shape the future operations of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority in a more economically and environmentally friendly way. In this report we analyze the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority’s (NFTA’s) current diesel bus fleet, with respect to zero emission electric buses available in the marketplace. We compare the current diesel buses in use at the NFTA, with the costs and benefits associated with switching to zero emission electric buses. We examine the use of electric buses in other U.S. cities and their experiences with the new public transit bus technology in order to learn from and apply lessons to our local community. The results of our analysis conclude with offering suggestions on how the NFTA could improve efficiency within their own operations by reducing costs while also reducing their ecological footprint. The final recommendation of this study is that the NFTA should begin taking steps towards transitioning their bus fleet to all electric buses, phasing out the oldest diesel buses first.