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At SUNY-Buffalo State we have undertaken a multi-year effort aimed at developing and field-testing an evaluation methodology for measuring student learning and related outcomes in our summer undergraduate research program. Our goal was to extend the findings of the many valuable studies that had already been done on the impact of undergraduate research on participating students (Gregerman et al. 1998; Alexander et al. 2000; Merkel 2001; Bauer and Bennett 2003; Seymour et al. 2004; Lopatto 2004; and Hunter et al. 2007). As described in Singer and Weiler (2009), our aim was to obtain reliable independent assessments of program impact without creating a measurement burden, and at the same time provide information to participating students that could help them gain new insights into their academic strengths and weaknesses. We also were interested in obtaining information from faculty mentors on how the summer undergraduate research program influenced their teaching.


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