This mini-symposium aims at connecting experts and learners from academia and industry, as well as disseminating cutting-edge tools and methods used in Data Analytics.

"Data is going to transform how we live, how we work and how we think. it is going to help us manage our careers and lead lives of satisfaction and hope and happiness and health. So we’re going to need to be careful and take big data and adjust it for our needs, our very human needs. We have to be the master of this technology, not its servant."

Kenneth Cukier, The Economist

Attend this event to:

  • Learn about Data Analytics programs in the area
  • Network with other entrepreneurially minded people with similar interests
  • Learn new Data Analytics tools

The intended audience for this free event is:

  • People interested in Data Analytics with some background in programming
  • Faculty, staff and students at any level from any institution
  • Employees in the field

Event Organizers

  • Joaquin Carbonara, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo State
  • Barbara Sherman, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo State
  • Wende A. Mix, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo State
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