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N. John Popovich, Ed.D., Chair and Associate Professor

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Career and Technical Education, M.S.Ed.


Steve Macho, Ph.D., Professor of Career and Technical Education

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Steve Macho, Ph.D., Professor of Career and Technical Education

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John J. Earshen, MBA, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Engineer Technology


The information gathered leads to an improved definition of project based learning. For students to gain a greater understanding of classroom content they need to experience a hands-on environment that allows for a challenge and problem solving opportunities. It is recommended that a project based learning environment be used in Business and Marketing Education. Students are given opportunities to apply information learned in the classroom to real world situations and make deeper connections with the material. This real-world application will allow students to strengthen their skill sets and further prepare them for their lives after school. They have learned how to collaborate, make connections and self-manage. Students provided with project based learning opportunities will be able to hone their problem solving and critical thinking skills as well. Students will be better prepared for the work force.