SUNY Buffalo State Oral Histories, 1975-1995
Interview with Dr. Hermann Cooper


Interview with Dr. Hermann Cooper


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Dr. Hermann Cooper was born on December 31, 1895. He received Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees from Upper Iowa University. Following a brief stint as a high school principal in North Dakota, Dr. Cooper served as an officer with the American Expeditionary Force in France during WWI. In 1921, he was awarded a Master of Arts degree and in 1930 a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Columbia University, Teachers College.

Dr. Cooper served as Director of Research at the Bureau of Education Service of Citizens of Delaware (1921-24); head of the Education Department and Director of Training at the State Normal School in Geneseo (1925-29); and principal at the State Normal School in Fredonia (1929-31). In 1931, he was appointed Associate in higher education of the New York State Education Department, and in 1933 he assumed the post of Assistant Commissioner for teacher education and certification in the State Education Department (during that time he worked to transfer teacher college from three years to four year status). He was appointed Executive Dean for teacher education of the newly formed State University of New York in 1949, a post he held until his retirement from SUNY in 1963. Dr. Cooper passed away in 1986.


SUNY Buffalo State Oral History Project, 1975-1995

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Interview with Dr. Hermann Cooper

Interview with Dr. Hermann Cooper