SUNY Buffalo State Oral Histories, 1975-1995
Interview with Dr. Ruth Sugarman


Interview with Dr. Ruth Sugarman


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Dr. Ruth Sugarman earned her bachelor’s degree from the State Teachers College at Buffalo and went on to receive her master’s degree from Northwestern and her Doctorate in Education from the University of Buffalo (1950).

Dr. Sugarman joined the faculty of the New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo as a fifth-grade demonstration teacher in the School of Practice after teaching in Niagara Falls public schools. Dr. Sugarman served as a third, fourth, and fifth-grade demonstration teacher in the School of Practice, and served as both assistant and acting principal. In 1955, she was appointed Professor of Elementary Education at the college, and in 1956, she was appointed interim principal of the Campus School (formerly the School of Practice). Dr. Sugarman became principal, a position she held until she joined the education faculty in 1963. She retired in 1975.

Dr. Ruth Sugarman’s publications included reviews and evaluation of children’s books and several articles for the Journal of Geography. She was coauthor of a teachers’ manual for fifth grade geography, and in 1955, presented a study in teaching conservation education to the National Council of Geography Teachers. Dr. Sugarman was in demand as a speaker on many topics relating to education and professional development. Dr. Ruth Sugarman passed away on February 10, 2011.


SUNY Buffalo State Oral History Project, 1975-1995

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Interview with Dr. Ruth Sugarman