SUNY Buffalo State Oral Histories, 1975-1995
Recording for Speech Preparation by Dr. Edna Lindemann


Recording for Speech Preparation by Dr. Edna Lindemann



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Edna Melbohm was born February 25, 1915. In 1938, she earned a Bachelor’s in Art Education from the University of Buffalo and a diploma from the Albright Art School, where she taught classes. Mrs. Lindemann was a magne cum laude Master’s graduate in Art from Northwestern University and did graduate studies under Eliel Saarinen at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. She earned her Doctorate in Art Education from Columbia University.

Dr. Lindemann taught in the Buffalo Public Schools, at the University of Vermont, and New York University, then in 1954 joined the faculty at State University College for Teachers at Buffalo (now SUNY Buffalo State), where as director of development and director of cultural affairs she designed interior spaces on a great deal of the campus. She later became assistant professor of design and taught exhibition techniques classes. Dr. Lindemann also helped preserve architectural fragments and artifacts from landmark Buffalo buildings.

In 1967, Dr. Lindemann was named curator of the new Charles Burchfield Center (now the Burchfield-Penney). In 1972, she was named director of the center. During her tenure, which lasted until she retired in 1985, the Burchfield Art Center acquired more than 400 of Burchfield’s works and began a collection of works by living artists from Western New York.


SUNY Buffalo State Oral History Project, 1975-1995

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Recording for Speech Preparation by Dr. Edna Lindemann

Recording for Speech Preparation by Dr. Edna Lindemann