SUNY Buffalo State Oral Histories, 1975-1995
Interview with Rhoda Greenwood


Interview with Rhoda Greenwood


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Wife of Walter B. Greenwood. Walter B. Greenwood earned a B.A. from Transylvania College and his M.A. from Columbia University. He received his doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. Walter Greenwood taught at Transylvania College and Michigan State University and was chairman of the English department at Bethany College. Dr. Greenwood joined the faculty of the New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo in 1950 as professor of English. He was director of summer sessions from 1964-1970. Dr. Walter Greenwood was elected by the Buffalo State faculty to the presidency of the Branch Association, the local chapter of the state faculty association, and was active in the Faculty Senate and President of the American Association of University Presidents. He served two terms as Dean of Arts and Sciences and was Vice President for academic affairs. Greenwood was also chairman of the Presidential Inauguration Committee. Dr. Greenwood was faculty advisor for the student yearbook and edited Buffalo State’s College Bulletin. Greenwood was instrumental in developing the college’s credit union and the general studies program, and in creating the college by-laws. He retired in 1977. Dr. Walter Greenwood passed away January 4, 1989.


SUNY Buffalo State Oral History Project, 1975-1995

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Interview with Rhoda Greenwood

Interview with Rhoda Greenwood