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This project represents my desire to spell out the story of my professional undertaking to reform education. I want to share my efforts to enhance human development in a democratic setting. I was motivated by the fact that the "education" I received as a young person was lacking in one essential ingredient: my own personal involvement. I was immersed in a process that left me, the protagonist, out of the picture. I questioned why I wasn't consulted or indeed enabled to be the central participant in developing a curriculum that was theoretically designed for my benefit. School events often left me out in the cold, although I was deeply interested and concerned about current events. Instead, I spent countless hours at home educating myself by listening to radio news reports and reading newspapers and magazines.

It was years later , during my junior year in a college of engineering that I finally realized that it was my education and therefore my life that was at stake, and I took the steps necessary to get back on track. It was then that I began to develop an understanding of what education was really about and set out to become an involved participant and, indeed, the generator of the teaching approach that is outlined in Students Speak.



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E. H. Butler Library & Monroe Fordham Regional History Center




Higher education, in class experiences, student involvement

Students Speak
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