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Dr. Gregory Wadsworth

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Biology, M.A.


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Dr. Daniel L. Potts

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Dr. Christopher Pennuto

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Dr. Edward Standora


Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) affect the structure and function of grasslands by altering plant competitive interactions, shifting patterns of above- and belowground biomass allocation, and by increasing net primary production. However, the influence of N and P on net ecosystem productivity is poorly understood. In the context of a field-based factorial N- and P-addition experiment, I measured soil moisture, leaf area index and component fluxes of ecosystem CO2 exchange throughout the growing season in a restored temperate grassland near Buffalo, New York. I predicted that N-addition would enhance ecosystem CO2 uptake (GEE) while P-addition would stimulate ecosystem respiration (Re). As predicted, N-addition increased GEE and correspondingly amplified net ecosystem CO2 exchange (NEE) to increase ecosystem CO2 uptake. In contrast, P-addition did not significantly increase Re. However, N- and P-addition interacted to significantly reduce NEE in comparison with plots that received N alone. Moreover, water limitation and phenological constraints during the middle and late growing season appear to limit autotrophic responses to nutrient addition. These results suggest that influences of N- and P-addition on ecosystem processes are seasonally dynamic and that the availability of N and P in soils may interact to weaken the strength of the terrestrial carbon sink.