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"The Colors of Our Lives" has very special meaning for me. I see and hear music in textures and colors. The words have texture and color. The songs we sing, the moods they express are in bright technicolor. I think this may be the very reason that new music is so exciting to me. What will I see in my mind's eye as I read the music and the text to myself "To Singing," one of my favorite songs on this concert, is a huge rainbow of colors. We're taken from the bleak grays of a questioning child tormented by slashing school yard taunts to the dark green of security among his singing brothers and again back to the navy blue hopelessness of lost parents and the cold rejection of family.The dark, rich colors of night are filled with glowing yellows as the music brings light to the boy. There is a myriad of soft colors, as the singers (my beloved singers) help him preen his soft, feathery, red tipped wings.Their songs soar above the puffy white clouds as the tenors and basses sing the shining songs of love. Our young man has found the sparkling joy of the oranges, yellows, purples and shiny reds and warm browns of the men who love him. It's all very romantic, but then, so is singing for us. I hope that you too will be as enchanted by the "colors of our lives" as we have been during these past few months of rehearsal.

Artistic Director

Barbara Wagner


Unitarian-Universalist Church and First Presbyterian Church


The Madeline Davis GLBT Archives of Western New York

Publication Date



Buffalo, NY


BGMC, Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus, Program


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | History | Museum Studies

The Colors of Our Lives