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The contemporary American teLevision industry may give the mistaken impression of having invented the gay sensibility with Queer as Folk and Six Feet Under. It might come as a surprise to a contemporary-driven media that American and European film narratives about gays before the nineties do have a history and include such classics as Suddenly Last Summer, Midnight Cowboy, Cruising, Death in Venice, Prick Up Your Ears, Taxi zum Klo, and many others. And gay art films from other cultures have far outpaced the American mainstream's need not to be shocked by nontraditional sexual behavior with the more recent portrayals of a sometimes raw contemporary gay sensibility in the South American films, Our Lady of the Assassins, Burnt Money and the box-office hit, Y Tu Mama Tambien. Many of the less contemporary films and those from South America seem to portray gay life as highly closeted, predatory, self-destructive, and street-driven; they are also more apt to move into the more dramatic side of art, which has generally meant the more tragic, naturalistic, or Darwinian. In spite of portraying intense bouts of realism, these films don't seem to have suffered from the restraint of censorship or heterosexual peer pressure. However, it would seem that the romantic gay sensibility still has to compete with the classic school of gay Continental naturalism to gain some reputable solidity and acceptance by a wider group of gays who may have never felt the right to appropriate a more idealized, romantic gay sensibility with any degree of permanent confidence.

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Barbara Wagner


Unitarian-Universalist Church and First Presbyterian Church


The Madeline Davis GLBT Archives of Western New York

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Buffalo, NY


BGMC, Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus, Program


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | History | Museum Studies

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