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Dr. Shirley Hayes

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Dr. Shirley Hayes



I began this qualitative study on multicultural education in the classroom because I wanted to find out how art teachers implement multiculturalism and also how students react. I also wanted to learn what resources are used and strategies for this type of teaching. I chose an urban middle school with a sixth grade art class and a suburban middle school with a seventh grade art class. I taught as a substitute at these schools and these teachers informed me they teach multiculturalism in the art room. Both teachers are experienced and have been teaching art for over 15 years. In this study, I was an observer participant. The data was collected through teacher interviews, student questionnaires, observations, and document analysis. My findings expressed the hard work and research on the teachers before you actually teach a multicultural lesson. There are many ways for teachers to self educate on various cultures, whether it’s from books, the Internet, seminars, classes, or other teachers. My observations in each classroom revealed an accepting environment from both the teachers and students. The feeling of acceptance allowed students and teacher to share thoughts or ask questions. Multicultural education allowed students to learn about other cultures and what was important to that background. The middle school art teachers at both schools were well prepared with authentic materials. These resources created well-rounded art lessons. My findings and research supports these details. Discovering the techniques and teaching strategies used to implement multicultural education may encourage other art teachers to do the same in art lessons in any grade.

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