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Art Conservation, M.A., C.A.S.


Art Conservation Department


Jonathan Thornton

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Jiuan-Jiuan Chen

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Dr. Rebecca Ploeger

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Dr. Aaron Shugar


In 2016 there are currently 566 federally recognized American Indian Tribes. Of these hundreds of tribes only a small portion operate tribal archives, libraries and/or museums. An even small percentage of these tribes are able to address conservation and preservation needs of their collections. The Seneca Iroquois National Museum (SINM) located in Salamanca, NY is currently building a new Cultural Center to help promote, protect, and safeguard their historical artifacts. By strengthening ties to the SUNY Buffalo State College Art Conservation Department in Buffalo, NY the caretakers at SINM will have access to current preservation information, state of the art analytical tools, and cost-effective treatment all of which can further promote conservation and potential funding at the museum. This project involves working closely with the staff at SINM, the treatment of a pair of lady’s embroidered leather moccasins, material analysis with some surprising results, and the production of a short video to help promote conservation at the museum.