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Art Conservation, M.A., C.A.S.


Art Conservation Department


Emily Hamilton

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Jiuan Jiuan Chen

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Dr. Rebecca Ploeger

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Patrick Ravines

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Dr. Aaron Shugar


“The Kiss II” is a Multiplex hologram created by Lloyd Cross in 1975. Conservation treatment was sought out to address condition concerns that included instability and dust and dirt accumulation. In addition to completing conservation treatment, this project aims to improve upon the imaging and preventive protocol for Multiplex holograms. Although there is much research available on the technology of holograms, there is very little information available on conservation treatment of Multiplex holograms. The steps taken throughout the course of this project have been thoroughly documented to lay the groundwork for a potential protocol for documenting and treating Multiplex holograms.

Available for download on Wednesday, August 28, 2024