Northeast Historical Archaeology

Volume 31 (2001) Special Issue: Historic Preservation and the Archaeology of Nineteenth-Century Farmsteads in the Northeast

Volumes 30 and 31 were published as a combined volume (Vol 30-31) of Northeast Historical Archaeology (NEHA) . Back Issue content is listed under Volume 31 on this site.


The Archaeology of 19th-Century Farmsteads: The Results of a Workshop Held at the 1997 Annual Meeting of the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology
Terry H. Klein, George L. Miller, Mark Shaffer, Wade Catts, Mary Beaudry, Lu Ann De Cunzo, and Dena Doroszenko


David B. Landon
Associate Editor
Ann-Eliza Lewis
Assistant Editor
Eric Proebsting
Assistant Editor
Julie McNeil
Guest Editor
Sherene Baugher
Guest Editor
Terry H. Klein

Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology Officers 2001-2002

Sherene Baugher
Executive Vice-Chair:
Wade Catts
Rebecca Yamin
Dena Doroszenko
Sara Mascia
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David Starbuck